Hardwood Floor

Discover real wood, bring nature home


Nothing stipulates quality and prestige like the golden warm tones of our Acacia. As a dense wood this floor can withstand areas of high traffic, and is a practical choice for both the home and commercial premises. The warm, darker tones evoke cosy, mellow colours that blend in to both light and dark furnishings. Acacia wood is very ideal for room decor and highly termite resistance.


Kempas is a beautiful exotic hardwood flooring material that comes from the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia Kempas wood is a blend of elegance , natural beauty and durable that few flooring specied can match. Its heartwood is pinkish when fresh and darkening to bright orange red  or deep brown. It is very decoratively versatile, which makes it a highly desirable option to interior decorators and designers.


Keranji Wood is mostly found in Peninsular Malaysisa, Indonesia as well as Sabah and Sarawak on flat and hilly lands but not in swamps.It is highly durable with well defined sapwood colour ranging from white to yellowish white in colour. Heartwood is gold brown weathering to dark brown. Keranji Wood is heavy, hard and strong wood. It is also a good general purpose timber used in construction, for production of door and window frames, sills, and flooring.


Merbau grow in Indo-malay region, as well as philiphine, indonesia, Australia and many of the western pacfic islands. When freshly cut, the heartwood is yellowish to orange-brown color, then it darkens to brown or red-brown. One distinctive properties of this wood is that the surface of boards may have yellow "flecking" in the pores; thus, when finished, the wood may appear almost flecked with "GOLD". Due to its stability of dimension and durability, Merbau is highly used as flooring, furniture, joinery, decorative woodwork and etc.


White oak is one of the pre-eminent hardwoods of eastern North America and also the most common wood flooring in American home. Its rich grain and light toned natural accept a variety of textures. The creamy, soft colors of natural white oak flooring make a space feel light and airy, calm and serene. In a formal setting, this translate to a look of refined elegance. In modern setting, the look is casual and unfussy. Oak wood is very common used for furniture making and flooring, timber frame building, and for veneer production.


Teak is found in tropical areas of the world. Thailand, Burma and india are just three countries. The sapwood of teak is white to pale yellow, while the heartwood is dark golden-brown to dark golden-yellow. The oil secreted by the teak wood is reported to be a natural insect repellant thus making it to be highly resistance to decay and termite attack. It's natural weather-resistant properties against any other type of wood making it to be widely used in the boat, yatch building industry. Teakwood is also very suitable to be make into flooring, furniture and kitchen cabinet.

Benefits of timber flooring

Warmth,  beauty and value of real wood
Timber flooring is expected to add "softness" to the supposedly cold modern contemporarist structure that envelopes the exterior of the house.    
Using timber is the right choice with its endless design possibilities .    

Healthy, Energy Efficient and unrivalled properties to Wellbeing of People
Timber filters the air and thus provide a fresh and healthy climate.     
Living or working in timber flooring building means being in pleasant and healthy environment.

Easy to maintain and Reusable
Timber flooring is easy to clean and maintain. It can be refinished rather than replaced.     

Increase of Market Value
Timber floors is an excellent investment. It will add value to your home.

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