About Us

Company Overview

The company commenced operations as sole-proprietor in year 2001 as a sub-contractor. Besides this, the company had also undertaken jobs such as supplying and installing fixtures and other furnishings.

Later, when the business expanded, the company moved into becoming interior renovation project specialist and had to date successfully completed many projects including prestigious buildings in various part of the country.

To ensure better finishing product on the wall surface, the company even went downstream to carry out interior renovation works. This had thus far given the company additional competitive edge ever other specialist in the same industry.

Today, the company had increased the
technical staff, skilled labour force and high-technology equipments to meet expanding activities in fast growing interior renovation industry. In the meantime, to enhance the efficiency in work, making company perform better compared to others competitors.

From the experiences, the  company is now specialized in:-
Interior design, Office partition, 2’ x 4’ ceiling. Plaster ceiling, glass work, custom made  furniture, office  equipment , Architectural coatings, decorative painting and epoxy floor paintings.

In view to serve customers satisfactorily, the company had set up a new factory at Taman Bestari in year 2007. With the new establishment, the company has confidence to dominate the  renovation industry in the near future.

Interior Design - Office

Where as offices used to be designed to keep people apart, with rigid and hierarchical space planning, there is currently a growing interest in new, less formal ways of working. Advances in  technology enable people to work more creatively.

This creative office is no longer a concept applicable only to the
workplace of designers, filmmakers and  architects, the idea has now spread to nearly all industries.

Offices may express in design terms a commitment to such concepts as team-working, just-in-time working, virtual and mobile working and those using the newest technological tools and the latest space-planning concepts available.

We know how to bring simplicity to the complex task of designing an attractive, efficient work  setting. As a responsible designer encourages its clients to be ambitious and by working together in an open-ended way helps clients achieve Business success through Design.

The design process overriding aims is to question
convention solutions and help both designer and clients to working together to create their own versions of the new office.

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