We listen and we ask the right questions.

We always put our clients’ interest first. Our approach with each and every one of our projects is focused on giving our clients the certainty of:

Highest Quality, Timely Delivery, Controlled Cost, Reduced Risk and Maximised Value.

We manage our projects with our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System that has been refined and honed over time to address every possibility. As a premium company, we employ choice and qualified personnel capable of taking on the most complex of scopes. We use our experience and skills to ensure that expectations are not only met, but exceeded.


We work closely with all component parties early to understand, develop and execute the brief. Our extensive experience enables us to consider all aspects. From the onset, we develop a comprehensive Quality Plan covering all contingencies. We manage our Construction Programme using our considerable skills to solve complex programming and phasing issues.


Through our long abiding relationships with an extensive database of trade contractors and suppliers, we endeavor to obtain the best value for our clients. We provide solutions to save time and money without compromising on quality. We ensure our clients are informed promptly on all cost implications to enable them to make the right decision.


Time is a critical factor in any interior fit-out. We manage this process through a Procurement Schedule that is synchronized with our Construction Programme. All long lead items are confirmed and procured early. All deviations to the Procurement Schedule are promptly addressed.


We regard Health & Safety as a crucial part of our business. We recognize that good management and practices substantially reduce hazards. We have dedicated H&S resources to proactively enforce practices. We conduct regular H&S briefings for our contractors and employees. Our safety record is exemplary.


We collaborate with consultants on design buildability to smoothen the path for construction. As professional managers we ensure adherence to quality standards. We have in place a standard “snagging inspection” process to ensure quality is maintained.


We do not walk away as soon as a project is handed over. We stay to tie up all the loose ends. We see to the satisfactory resolution of any defects. As the contractor, we ensure we are on hand to help our client navigate their new space. We provide them with a comprehensive Operations & Maintenances Manual to facilitate the process of occupation.

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